All systems are operational. Last checked 9/22/2018.

We are continuously monitoring the status of and its related services. We post a note on this site if we experience any interruptions in service. If you are having problems connecting to NuGet and do not see a notice posted, please email or reach out to us on Twitter (@nuget).

Services Status

The status of NuGet services.

Name Description Status
Browsing the Gallery website Operational
Downloading and installing packages from NuGet Operational
Searching for new and existing packages in Visual Studio or the Gallery website Operational
Package Publishing Uploading new packages to Operational

CDN Status

If you experience connectivity issues but all other indicators on this status page look normal, there may be an issue with our Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Verify CDN network status.


Package Publishing is down. Due to the Azure US South Central outage, package publishing has been unavailable since 2018-09-04 13:23 UTC.

Package Publishing is degraded. You may encounter issues uploading new packages.

Package Publishing is no longer degraded. You should no longer encounter any issues uploading new packages. Thank you for your patience.

V3 Protocol Restore is degraded. You may encounter issues restoring packages from's V3 feed.

V3 Protocol Restore is no longer degraded. Customer in Europe have experienced issues restoring packages from's V3 feed. Our monitoring indicates this issue is now resolved. If you are still unable to restore packages please contact us at Thank you for your patience.